Do centrifugal fans generally have a longer life than axial fans? Introduce the characteristics of centrifugal fan and axial fan

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Do centrifugal fans generally have a longer life than axial fans?
Generally, the centrifugal fan has a service life of 3-6 years. The maintenance is basically the replacement of the coil or the maintenance of the circuit after the motor is disassembled.
The AC axial fan manufacturer tells you that the service life of the axial fan is usually between 10 and 15 years, but during use, it usually cannot meet the expected use reasons. The axial flow fan itself not only depends on the physical quality of the manufacturing process and manufacturing materials but also depends on the correct use method and subsequent maintenance.

The types of fans include centrifugal fans, axial fans, Roots fans, turbo fans, etc. Many laymen only know that fans are used for dust removal, the chemical industry, fertilizer, cement building materials, drying, garbage incinerators, desulfurization, smelting, material transportation, The gas circulation of the process flow, but I don’t know whether to choose a centrifugal fan or an AC axial fan for the needs of industrial equipment?
(1) Features
The characteristics are relatively stable, physical ventilation is mainly used, and the flow direction of the wind will not be changed during the ventilation process. The centrifugal fan will change the flow direction of the air duct during work, which is more stable than the axial fan.
(2) Installation
Axial flow fans are easy to install and can be installed directly outside the wall, while the installation process of centrifugal fans is more complicated, and there will be many problems and troubles during installation, so the simple and convenient installation of axial flow fans is loved by consumers.
(3) shape
Axial flow fans are generally cylindrical, and centrifugal fans are generally snail-shaped.
(4) Exhaust direction
The exhaust direction of the axial flow fan is parallel to the direction of the main shaft to discharge gas, and the air inlet and exhaust east of the fan is parallel to the main shaft.

FJ8022AB Axial Fan

Introduce the advantages of AC axial fans:
(1) Just use induction to carry out air transfer.
(2) The mixed-flow fan combines the characteristics of the axial-flow centrifugal fan, and its shape looks more like a traditional axial-flow fan.
(3) The fan is mainly composed of an impeller, casing, inlet collector, diversion color film, motor, and components.
(4) The casing may have an open inlet, but more and more often this has a right-angle bend shape to allow the motor to be placed inside the duct.
(5) The excretory shell expands slowly, slows down the velocity of the airflow in general, and immediately converts kinetic energy into useful static pressure.

C2E-133.41C Centrifugal Fan

Introduce the advantages of centrifugal fans:
(1) Easy to install: it can be installed and used at any time, and can be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction;
(2) Strong structure: the use of high-quality stainless steel makes the fan stronger and more durable;
(3) High reliability: Except for the impeller, the high-pressure fan is completely used without other components. The impeller is directly connected to the motor and has no gears or drive belts, resulting in high reliability and little maintenance.
(4) Low vibration: The running parts are designed, tested, and calibrated through precise balance.
(5) Low noise: The fan is directly driven by a high-voltage low-noise motor, and the built-in sound-absorbing cotton is used at the entrance and exit, which can reduce the noise generated during operation.

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